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Liquids:Gel & Dip Individual bottles

Liquids:Gel & Dip Individual bottles

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Not all liquids are available in all sizes or bottle types. Currently peel base, nail polish and cuticle oils are the only ones available in trial size. See the separate cuticle oil listing due to the scent choices. 

All hema free

Cuticle Remover - helps soften cuticle while do cuticle prep and push back. 

Prep - this a prep or dehydrator used to prepare nails for application. Helps with adhesion and helps stop lifting. 

Bond - 

Professional Dip Base - necessary for application of dip powders, this adheres the powder to your natural nail or tips.

Dainty (no odor) Base Coat - The 1st step in the dip process. For those with sensitivities.

Activate - this sets or hardens the dip to make it stronger. 

Professional Shiny Top Coat - for a shiny finish after all application of dip powder and activate is done.

Dainty (no odor) Shiny Top Coat - for a shiny finish after all application of dip powder and activate is done. For those with sensitivities.

Matte Top Coat - for a matte finish after all application of dip powder and activate is done.

Liquid Latex - to use around nail bed for cleaner application. 

Thinner - if you contaminate your base or top coat (fairly hard to do with our liquids) put a few drops in and it will restore your liquids. 

Brush Saver/Cleaner - use to restore your brushes or clean them after use. 

Peel Base - use for short mani changes. Place on nail before dip process. Will last 2-5 days typically. Can last up to 2 weeks if ordered stronger. Just put a note in the memo at check out if you wish to have it stronger.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Zebra liquids are great. I've never contaminated them (and I'm not that careful... Knock on wood). Medium dry time. Good shine!


I absolutely love the base liquid, super easy to apply and is VERY durable. With that said, I cannot seem to get the diamond shine shiny top coat to work. I’ve followed the instructions to the T and have also followed tips from fellow Zebra users and it always dries matte. That’s the only reason I didn’t give these liquids 5 stars. I have used many different brands and I definitely recommend the Zebra’s base and activate, it is my favorite!

Christina Lynn

My new favorite base!!! So easy, not too thick, hardly any smell. I love how you can get different sizes. I ordered one of the trail size because I find myself doing my nails a lot when I go to my moms. Perfect size for my on the go nail bag!

megan blagus

These are so easy to work with I absolutely love them would never switch brands


The smell is so low that these are great for me, because I'm an asthmatic.