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Breast Cancer Awareness Colors #1 BCA1-BCA7 & Pink Ribbons

Breast Cancer Awareness Colors #1 BCA1-BCA7 & Pink Ribbons

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BCA1 Courage 

BCA2 Believe

BCA3 Hope

BCA4 Strength White shimmer with pink ultra fine glitter

This is to honor those fighting or those who have lost their battle to breast cancer.

BCA5 Her Fight is Our Fight - base pink AUG1 with 4 shades of pink foils. 

BCA6 Worth the Fight - purple base of AUG4 with purple holographic fine glitters. 

BCA7 You Matter - Very Shimmery Crystal Pink color. 

BCA8 Stand By Her - chunky pink iridescent glitter with 4 different shades of pink fine matte glitters. 

add on sample size pink glitter awareness ribbons to use for nail art. 


Pour your foil dip into cupcake liner. Apply a thin layer of base on all 10 fingers after prep. This helps your first foil layer adhere to the nail better and makes a smoother application. Apply a second layer of base on the first finger you are doing. Lay your finger into the foil dip and gently rock it to get coverage. Gently press the later down with your finger or a glitter/foil pressing tool (3d printed - we sell). Repeat layers until desired look is acheived. Apply a layer of clear before activating, this will help the foils not to bleed. 


You can apply foils using Gel Liquids, this will prevent the foils to bleeding altogether. Otherwise when dipping you can carefully use your dip liquids and using a dropper for the activate will also help reduce any bleeding of foils.




1 oz dip powder will do approximately 14-20 full manicures. 

.5 oz dip powder will do approximately 7-10 full manicures.

.25 oz dip powder will do approximately 3-5 full manicures

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