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Zebra Glitter & Nails Company, LLC

Professional Liquids: Professional Dip 2 in 1 Base/Shiny Top Coat & Activate .5 oz

Professional Liquids: Professional Dip 2 in 1 Base/Shiny Top Coat & Activate .5 oz

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This product is fpr those that like to use less bottles. You use the same bottle for base as you shiny top coat. 

 All hema free

About Zebra liquids:

The 2 in 1 Liquids is where you are using the base and top out of the same bottle. Activate is used to activate the reaction between the dip powder and the base coat for proper application.Dip UV Top Coat dries without a UV/gel light but will show a purplish tint under blacklight or uv Ray's. Prep - is a ph prep to help with the ph balance on the nail bed itself. This will help products adhere better and last longer. Brush/Saver Cleaner is used to clean your brush if it gets contaminated. You would soak your brush in brush cleaner until the residue comes off of the brush and it is no longer stiff. You would then dry the brush out completely and replace it in the bottle of liquids. The brush in the liquids will be ready in approximately 1 hour. Cuticle Oil, Balm or Lotion is used around the cuticle area of the nail to soften and remove dry or hardened cuticle so your hand appear beautifully hydrated. Gel Base & (No Wipe) Gel Top Coats must be cured with a UV/LED light to work properly. Many people do the dip process with gel liquids or top the dip liquids with a no wipe gel top coat. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great liquids!

I love these liquids! I feel like they level out nicely, don’t dry too fast or too slow, and the activator smells good even when filing! I’m a convert!

Kellie Thomas
Works great

One of the best I have used. Goes on thin but doesn’t dry super fast I will it again