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Almond - a soft, nutty fragrance note that may take sweet, bitter or slightly green nuances.


Almond Raspberry - A mix of almond and raspberry. 


Aloe Vera - a light, almost transparent green fragrance, with a unique Aloe Vera twist that cannot easily be explained in words. Extracts from Aloe are widely used in cosmetics and alternative medicine, being marketed as variously having rejuvenating, healing, or soothing properties.


Amber - a blend of ingredients that describes a warm, powdery, sweet scent. It consists of a soiree of ingredients (natural and synthetic) such as vanilla, patchouli, labdanum, styrax, benzoin and a few more. It is used to create oriental fragrances that convey a ri


Ambrosia -A cascade of golden honey and creamy vanilla stands out in a crisp scent of roasted almonds. Pink and white flowers soften the food of the gods with delicate floral notes. A powdery thick and opulent embrace from which emanate prolonged floral sighs.


Antique Rum - a rich blend of cranberry, mango, white tea, bay rum & leather


Apple- fresh, crisp, mouthwatering quality, reminiscent of biting into an apple right from the orchard. f

Apple Cider -An inviting bouquet that brings together spicy cinnamon, mulled apple cider, and sweet brown sugar. A warm and pleasant Autumn delight. 


Apple Orchard - plumeria, Apple, white tea & lavender 


Apple Pie - Mouth-watering aroma with sweet apples, butter and spices straight from the oven, a La Mode! Top: Apple, Pastry Mid: Cinnamon, Clove Base: Sweet, Vanilla


Apple Berry Spice - juicy apples, sweet berries, and warm cinnamon.


Apple Butter - Very spicy apple with a warm buttery background!  


Apple Mango Tango - A tropical blend of sweet floral and exotic fruits infused with a woodsy, musky base. 


Apricot - the refreshing scent of fresh apricots. 


Apricot Burst - summer blend comes bursting to life with the wonderful juicy top notes of fresh apricot, peach, pineapple, & melon. Floral middle notes of lily of the valley, lavender, & rose blossoms on a base of mossy woods and sweet berry.


Autumn Day - Celebrate the season with the crisp blends of oak, citrus and golden amber, inspired by fresh air, colorful leaves and strolling through a secluded wood on a sunny day. Travel down memory lane and be reminded of all your fun, fabulous Fall firsts - first days of school, football, Homecoming.....breathe in this awesome blend of fallen leaves, crisp air and hints of birch. 


Autumn Harvest - Generously sprinkled with ground cloves and cinnamon sticks, this warm, rustic scent blends crisp orchard apples and sun-kissed oranges with fresh vanilla cream and woods.


Avocado & Sea Salt - Salty marine notes blend with bright grapefruit, soft white rose, and creamy avocado to create this wonderful summer fragrance. This oil is so fresh and clean


Awapuhi - fresh and clean floral/ginger scent


Azalea - delightfully scented with a sweet and spicy clove scent reminiscent of cottage pinks and carnations.


Baby Powder - smells fresh like a baby's clean bottom. Freshly powdered.


Bacon - bacon makes everything better!


Bahama Mama (cocktail) - Fresh Coconut mixed with oranges, nectarines, mango's and lemon and lime blended with pineapple give this tropical fruit blend that extra pizzazz to make it stand out from the rest!

Baked Goods - this scent fills the air like grandma's baking at the holidays. A delicious, warm scent of chocolate, brown sugar and love. 

Bamboo - a clean, green fragrance. It is a favorite for guests wanting a green leafy smell. It has a little citrus hint of lime with a bit of a cucumber finish


Banana - just like a fresh banana.

Banaroo - teakwood, sandalwood, red cherry and sweet tobacco


Barbershop - Top notes of Juniper berries, bergamot and lemon. Middle notes of Jasmine, geranium and orange flower with bottom notes of Tonka bean, soft woods and white musk. Clean. Refreshing. This is an amazing oil with an even more amazing scent throw.


Basil - emits a warm, sweet, freshly floral and crisply herbaceous scent that is further characterized as airy, vibrant, uplifting, and reminiscent of the scent of licorice.


Bay Rum - a light, aromatic blend of exotic Caribbean spices, Jamaican rum and bay leaf oil from the West Indies. It is distinctly sweet and spicy, featuring warm, woody notes. Bay Rum is uniquely masculine and robust, but won't overwhelm the senses.


Beach Front - a luscious blend of Aloe and Hibiscus

Beach Sage & Mint - Crisp. Vibrant Mint Sprigs, Coastal Sage, Crisp Bergamot Fresh, green top notes followed by spearmint boosted by floral notes of rose and lily and soft musk undertones.


Beautiful Soul - mix of cotton candy and pixie dust


Bergamot & Mandarin - A gentle citrus scent that adds a sparkle to your day


Berries & Cream - A decadent and indulgent blend of fresh strawberry and raspberry with rich cream. Perfume oils will enhance your mood and feelings of well-being.


Bewitched - Do you use your powers for mischief or for good? This fragrance oil is completely delightful! It's sweet, tart and with bottom notes of rich musk. Sweet and sugary notes with rich pear, hints of nuts and a little mystique of sultry woods and rich musk make up this mystical scent. Let Bewitched cast a good spell! Luscious scent with a great scent throw!


Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo - With the wave of a magic wand, the Fairy Godmother cast a light-hearted magical spell for Cinderella and all Cinderella's wishes came true! This magical scent is so scrumptious you will be singing the bibbidy bobbidy song!


Birthday Cake - PERFECT Birthday Cake! Rich and sweet birthday cake. Moist, white cake with a rich, sweet butter cream frosting. YUM! You'll be in bakery heaven with this fabulous scent!


Black Code (dupe) - A seductive fragrance for men. Black Code is a sexy blend of fresh lemon and bergamot softened with hints of orange tree blossom, warmed with soothing guaiac wood, and Tonka bean.


Black Cherry & Merlot - addictive blend of dark cherry, black raspberry and sumptuous merlot. Heaven in a bottle! Top notes of Cherry, fruits and citrus; middle notes of light floral and sweet black raspberry with a base of a light powdery musk.


Black Orchids - Patchouli, Rum, Ylang-Ylang, Orchid and raspberries. A must have scent!


Black Pepper - has such a complex multifaceted aroma! Its smell plays with lots of nuances, from uplifting citrusy to grassy, evergreen and sweet. It is fresh, dry, warm and piquant.


Blackberry - blackberries that take you to a time in summer on grandma's farm. 


Blackberry & Bay - Tart Blackberries is blended with fresh Bay leaf for a fresh aromatic pleasure. Childhood memories of blackberry picking...A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Vibrant and verdant. To uplift, to wind down, or simply to add an air of luxury.


Blackberry Lemonade - This is totally irresistible! Rich, fruity blackberry top notes boosted by lemony citrus and sweet raspberry bottom notes. This is crazy strong and smells absolutely divine! SUPER FABULOUS!


Blood Orange - Blood orange scent is a magical scent with an Intense juicy-fresh, zesty, citrus scent. 


Blue Cotton Candy - straight from the fair. 


Blue Raspberry - A delightful dance between sweet and sour. Top notes of Blueberry, peach and strawberry with middle notes of Blue violet, velvet rose and sweet candy accord. Bottom notes of Creamy vanilla and sweet sugar crystals. 


Blueberry - Refreshing, subtly sweet – or positively jam-like: blueberry has different facets which perfumers have the power to play up.


Blueberry Muffin - the aroma of a freshly baked blueberry muffin. Top notes of juicy tart blueberries with orange zests, middle notes of butter cake, and base notes of vanilla and almond.


Bombshell (dupe) - Pretty and glamorous, a floral peony and white tea type with top notes of passion fruit, juicy citrus and middle notes of fresh orange flower, pink peppercorn upon a base of white musk, sugar vanilla and amber.


Bountiful Musk - Mahogany Teakwood, Leather, Bay Rum, Sandalwood, Frankincense & Myrrh 

Boulangene Behive - honey, almond and sweet sugar


Bourbon - the scent often encompasses sweet and soothing butterscotch, caramel, or vanilla, a spiciness akin to black pepper, clove or tobacco leaf, citrus or fresh apple, with a subtle floral like rose and a smokiness reminiscent of a wooden pipe.


Bourbon Street - An intoxicating blend of pear and apple top notes followed by warm, slightly spicy alcoholic notes and sweet creamy bottom notes.


Bow Ties & Bourbon (dupe) - A clean and fresh masculine scent with citrus and woody top notes boosted by floral nuance middle notes and long lasting earthy, musky bottom notes.

Breathe It In - Jasmine, Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot, Raspberry & sandalwood.

Brown Sugar - Creamy, rich vanilla with whispers of cinnamon and almond blended with rich caramelized brown sugar, butter and nuts. Fabulous strong scent throw!


Brown Sugar & Fig - Romantic and luxurious, Brown Sugar and Fig fragrance oil is a warm embrace for your senses. Top notes of ripe fig, caramelized sugar, and a touch of sea salt come through right away, while deep brown sugar makes up the heart of this fragrance.


Brownie - Delightful dark chocolate fudge notes intertwining with milk chocolate and walnuts blending in to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.


Bubble Gum - a sweet and juicy bubble gum aroma with notes of fresh berries, peach, pineapple, and citrus and is similar to Juicy Fruit Gum.


Buttercream Blast (strong) - 


buttercream bomb - Super strong and beyond extremely yummy! A rich home made frosting mixed with hints of white chocolate, laced with moist white cake batter and loaded with sweet churned butter, sugar, Madagascar vanilla and vanilla bean. This is a most definitely a must have!


Buttercream Icing - buttery notes entagled with an enticing blend of creamy vanilla and powder with a hint of lemon.


Buttercream Frosting (strong) - even stronger - buttery notes entagled with an enticing blend of creamy vanilla and powder with a hint of lemon.


Butterscotch - Sweet, fruity liquor note with a strong vanilla background reminiscent of sweet caramel and butter.

Butterscotch Rum - Ambrosia and butterscotch


Buttery Brown Sugar - Scrumptious! Creamy, rich vanilla with whispers of cinnamon and almond blended with rich caramelized brown sugar, butter and nuts. Fabulous strong scent throw!


Cactus Blossoms - Sun-Kissed Coconut, Vanilla & Fresh Sparkling Lemons. Top notes of Sun-kissed coconut and bergamot; middle notes of Green cactus stems, cactus flower and white magnolia. Bottom notes of Cashmere woods, amber and musk. You will want this oil - it is heavenly.


Cafe Mocha - A cozy fragrance with an initial burst of floral and citrus followed by a heart of nutty pumpkin and held together with spice and vanilla.


Campfire - smells just like a fresh campfire


Campfire's delight - A subtle campfire scent a giant scent throw. Luscious top notes of berry jelly and sweet buttercream. Middle notes of Dark Chocolate, Fluffy Marshmallow, cinnamon and Graham Cracker with yummy bottom notes of Tonka Bean, Vanilla Cream and Musk.


Candy Apple - Sweet, crisp red apple with notes of sweet orange and hints of pineapple, cinnamon and vanilla. There is something amazing and magical about fragrances. A single scent has the ability to create an ambiance, trigger childhood memories, calm frazzled nerves and much, much more.


Candy Cane - A cold night with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a fire during the holiday season. The sweet scent of peppermint, eucalyptus, and spearmint swirl together to give you visions of holiday cheer all year long.


Candy Corn - Vanilla candy blended with gentle notes of butter and almond make up this scent that reminds us of eating too many candy corns at Halloween 


Candy Crush - blend of fruits, spun sugar, strong notes of vanilla with a hint of caramel


Cannabis Flower - A bit floral, a bit spicy, but unmistakably Cannabis, this fragrance has a deep and penetrating beauty to it. 




Caramel Corn - Sweet and salty, our Caramel Popcorn fragrance oil is true to the classic American confection. This enticing blend of popcorn and butter has been coated in caramel and sea salt for an olfactory treat.


Caramel The Perfect Autumn - (dupe) Rich creamy caramel toffee mixed with creamy sweet vanilla - makes a sweet tempting treat. 


Cardamom - ery aromatic and has a very intense aroma which is extremely sweet and intense. You will get the same intensity of smell from this oil in different ways.

Catching Fireflies - fresh cut grass, rain and blackberry sage


Cedarwood - Sweet, balsamic, woody scent


Chai Tea - The enticing scent of a hot, frothy mug of richly fragrant chai tea embraces the senses in this soothing, nostalgic and delicious blend! Cozy comfort abounds, as essences of centering citrus unfold upon notes of heartwarming spices. Savory-sweet cinnamon and rich, aromatic clove mingle with tonalities of creamy, warm vanilla and smooth, malty tonka bean. A delectable ambiance of scent, and a wonderfully decadent aroma!


Chamomille - Esters of angelic and tiglic acids with pinene, farnesol, nerolidol, chamazulene, pinocarvone, and cineol Scent of chamomile: The odor is sweet, applelike, and herbaceous.


Champagne - A fruity, festive blend of bubbly champagne, sweet nectarines, and citrus fruits on a sugar base of vanilla and musk.


Champagne & Cherry - A fruity, festive blend of bubbly champagne, sweet nectarines, and citrus fruits on a sugar base of vanilla and musk along with the seductive, sensual, and somewhat edible top note that perfectly balances between sweetness and tartness.


Champagne Toast (dupe) - a tantalizing blend of Champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant.  


Cherry - seductive, sensual, and somewhat edible top note that perfectly balances between sweetness and tartness.


Cherry Bomb - This is a BIG BOLD scent! This oil is packed with a HUGE sweet, deep black cherry scent!


Cherry Lemon - a luscious mix of red cherry & lemon. seductive, sensual, and somewhat edible top note that perfectly balances between sweetness and tartness and the citrus scent of fresh lemons on a summer day.

Cherry Lush - Top notes are Cherry extract, Liquor and Bitter Almond; middle notes are Sour Cherry, Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac; base notes are Tonka Bean, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Cedar.

Cherry Slush -
The strong scent of sweet, tangy cherry brings back whole days chilling in the mall food court, complete with high ponies and radical threads.


Chestnuts & Brown Sugar - A succulent aroma that is reminiscent of fall time with top notes of caramel, brown sugar, nutty tones, maple, and butter. 


Chocolate Chip Cookies - Classic cookie dough aroma, blended with rich, deep chocolate chip morsels.


Christmas Blizzard - Celebrate the holidays with this fabulous festive scent. Spruce and woodsy vanilla with a hint of lemon, fir needle and a splash of apple. Middle notes of pine, pear, hyacinth, cinnamon, and mint completed with a wonderfully woodsy sandalwood, cedar and sugary vanilla base notes. 


Christmas Cookies - You will love our version of this popular scent. A strong French vanilla with butter, spices and milk added to make you want to start decorating your house for the holidays!


Christmas Festival - A nostalgic, summer treat of spun sugar, pink berries & sweet whipped vanilla. Hot summer days spent strolling the boardwalk with the smell of saltwater taffy in the air. It reminds me of the sweet smell of cotton candy mixed with delicious sweet salt water taffy.

Christmas Morning - bay rum and forest pine meet.


Christmas Wreath/ Tree - top notes of cypress and zesty lemon peel that folds into woodsy mid notes of evergreen and cedar.


Chubby Hubby - We all fell in love with this super sweet confection! Sweet milk chocolate, hints of butter, creamy vanilla, with a tiny hint of sugary cotton candy and even tinier hints of nuts. Crazy sweet and smells delish! You will love this ooey, gooey yummy delight.


Churro - The delicious scent of deep fried churros sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar!


Cinnamon - Sweet, spicy-hot fragrance.


Cinnamon Roll - Indulge in the hearty sweetness of the most comforting of all the baked goods. Our Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil brings together sugary cinnamon and soft vanilla to create a scent straight from a baker's tray


Clean & Fresh - clean bright scents. Herby, citrusy and oceanic scents.


Clove - “The Big Four” spices, the other three of which include cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper. Generally a dark brown color, the fragrance of clove essential oil is sweet and spicy due to the presence of eugenol (a colorless to pale yellow, aromatic liquid extracted from clove oil).


Cocoa - A warm, intriguing fragrance that combines sweet cocoa butter and coconut. Elegant under notes of cedarwood, jasmine, and rich vanilla complete this unique, lovely blend.


Coconut - Creamy, tropical, sweet, and fruity.


Coconut Crazy - Super strong and super yummy! Kaffir Lime, coconut shavings, verbena, Mexican Lime, hints of palm leaves, Jasmine petals, Indian Sandalwood and exotic musk. 


Coconut Cream Pie - Sweet creamy coconut with fluffycream and pie crust Strong fragrance.


Coconut Extreme - Super strong! A natural coconut shell type with a nutty coco nutty top note, a massoia, and milky middle note with a sweet vanilla and tonka bean base note. 


Coconut Mango Tango - A super Summer sensation! Sweet, creamy coconut with hints of citrus, apple and bottom notes of ripe, sweet mango. You will love this fabulous blend. 


Coffee - Bouquet or Nose, and is distinguished from a coffee's fragrance.


Coffee Cake - Top Notes: Buttery Caramel; Middle/Heart Notes: Cinnamon Sugar; Base Notes: Vanilla Cake.


Cola - Sugary and sweet, with just a little bit of bite, this scent is very reminiscent of a cold Cola on a hot day!

Conversation Hearts - Cotton candy, strawberry and lemon


Cool Water (dupe) - contains mint, sea water and rosemary as top notes, lavender, jasmine, geranium and neroli as heart notes, and oakmoss, musk and sandalwood as base notes. 


Coppertone (dupe) - a cocoa butter smell than a pina colada smell. a bit of googling says ' jasmine, rose, lavender, and lilac' in that original scent.


Cotton Candy - a confection of fluffy, spun sugar and smells exactly as you would imagine sweet like caramelized sugar.


Cotton Candy Blast (strong) - a confection of fluffy, spun sugar and smells exactly as you would imagine sweet like caramelized sugar. Very Strong version.


Cotton Candy Frosting - aroma of freshly spun cotton candy. This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a blend of fresh strawberry and French vanilla.


Cotton Candy Skies - A single scent has the ability to create an ambiance, trigger childhood memories, calm frazzled nerves and much, much more. Spa-type scents illicit feelings of relaxation and Zen, while the nurturing aromas make us feel warm, cozy and safe. You have the power to whisk your customers off to a sandy beach, or take them on a tropical vacation.


Cowboy - A truly amazing men's fine fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot, and sea salt as well as light floral notes of lavender, jasmine, and amber wood all on a bed of cedarwood and exotic musk. 


Cozy Up- This rustic blend of birch, cedar and sandalwood, blends with leather and creamy musk to create the smell of a cozy fire.


Cranberry - Woody and inviting.


Cranberry and Mistletoe - A tart and sparkling aroma that begins with cheerful, fruity nuances of mouthwatering berries. Crushed, juicy cranberry, ripe, delicious raspberry and succulent black currant unite to create a truly uplifting and jovial accord.


Crazy Scarecrow - Mulberry, Pine, Pumpkin Pie and Apple Cider to make a delightful, unique scent


Crisp Orchard Spice - apple and citrus.


Cucumber Melon - ight, extra-fresh blend of crisp cucumber, watery honeydew, summer cantaloupe, sparkling grapefruit and sheer woods is basically the refreshing essence of a summer day.

Dark Rum - Pecan, Pumpkin pie spices,  Rum, Plum, maple syrup and bergamot


Dark Soul - Mahogany Teakwood & Flower scent


Darjeeling London T (dupe) - zesty lemongrass, black tea, a twist of citrus, a touch of spicy nutmeg with botanical extracts. A unique amazing blend!


Dark Stallion for Men - An exillerating scent with sandalwood, spicy berries, citrus an awakening scent filled with a profusion of flowers. Yes, you heard us right... flowers... lavender, cattleya orchids, sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, ballerina freesia all on a base of patchouli.


Dauntless - A men's fine fragrance with a masculine combination of leather, black currant, and oak moss. Truly unforgettable and addictive! 


Domestic Goddess (dupe) - Shimmering forest tones of fern and green clover balance with a soothing floral blend to create this soft luxury scent. Jasmine and lavender are warmed with rich woods and sweetened by a base of vanilla musk to create a fresh outdoors sensation. 


Dr. Pepper - caramel vanilla

Drakkar (dupe) - with top notes of bergamot, rosemary, lavender, middle notes of cardamom and geranium, and a dry down of vetiver, cedar, and fir balsam. 


Eucalyptus - a distinct camphoraceous smell, which some people describe as sharp and slightly medicinal — kind of like rosemary. It's a multifaceted forest scent with hints of mint, honey, and citrus. Imagine hiking along an airy stream inside of a sunny pine forest.

Extremely Sexy for Men: Fresh Air, Pineapple, Citrus, Bergamot, Lime, Tangerine, Geranium, Jasmine, Lily, Cinnamon Bark, Limewood, Sage, Tonka Bean, Cedar, Woods, Musk, Vetiver, Orange Blossom

Fall Hayride - honey, cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla. Blended for a one of a kind fall scent. 

Fall Leaves - Cloves, Cinnamon, Cedar & Orange


Fall Vibes - a magical blend of Apple Cider, Toasted Marshmallow, Vanilla and Cinnamon 


Fennel - energizing and uplifting, which will help comfort and revitalize when worries are high.


Fig - Sweet syrupy.


Flannel - This scent is a cozy blend of crisp apples, fresh bergamot and heirloom mahogany.


Flower Bomb -Top notes of Calabrian bergamot and crushed green tea leaves with mid notes of Sambac jasmine, Centifolia rose, pink freesia, and red poppy on a dry base of nude musk, wild patchouli, and Mysore sandalwood.


Forest Pine - it is the fresh resinous scent that will be noticed. This scent is often experienced as instantly refreshing on the mind and soothing on the emotions. The first also have fresh coniferous fragrances, and their essential oils may have slight lemony notes, whilst lacking the slightly harsh notes of the pine oils.


Frankincense & Myrrh - Derived from tree sap, frankincense and myrrh are fragrant resins highly valued for incense and perfumes. Our Frankincense and Myrrh fragrance oil captures the essence of these enduring scents used for millennia. Hints of citrusy bergamot and amber open up to a heart of resinous myrrh and frankincense. The wood and incense notes are softened by powder and oud in the base. Olibanum, patchouli, and coriander seed essential oils reinforce the earthiness of Frankincense and Myrrh.


French Vanilla - Top: Cool Milky Notes Mid: Vanilla Bean Base: Butter Top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent, and base is its final impression. French Vanilla is Sweet & Spicy.


Fresh Cotton - This scent is reminiscent of snuggling into your favorite freshly washed blanket with a fire in the background.


Fresh Cut Grass - This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including lemon oil, lemongrass, galbanum, palmarosa, clary sage, gurjun balsam, pennyroyal, amyris, cedarwood, pepper, and chamomile flower.


Fresh Cut Wood - An earthy scent of freshly cut lumber.


Frosted Pumpkin - Pumpkin, Spices, Honey, Maple, Frosting [Glacé] and Vanilla.



Fruity Pebbles - Notes of tangy summer fruits with sweet sugar rounded with fresh creamy vanilla.


Fruit Slices - sweet sugar and fruit. Melon, strawberries, kiwi and apples

Garden Musk - a delightful blend of Rose & Sandalwood
Fruit Smoothie - passion fruit, peach, papaya, blackberry and strawberry


Gardenia - a zesty, fragrant, and floral scent with hints of peach and green undertones. 


Ginger - The aromatic smell comes from essential oils and phenolic compounds such as gingerols and shogaols in the root. Gingerols increase the movement of the gastrointestinal tract. It also has analgesic, sedative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


Gingerbread - a Warm/Spicy Fragrance A comforting scent to be savored and shared. With the festive scent of gingerbread, spicy notes of cardamom, crystallized ginger, hints of dark vanilla, and a sprinkle of fresh-ground cinnamon combine to warm the heart and home, welcoming the spirit of the holiday season.


Gorgeous Grey - Evoke the feeling of crisp air at the edge of a calm Marina. With a wash of Vetiver and Oakmoss the fragrance gets its sophisticated edge and balanced essence. This enticing mixture of birch, vetiver, and amber, with a hint of grapefruit is sure to entice the senses. Truly a fragrance that presents sophistication and masculinity at its finest.


Granny Smith (Green Apple) - It is fruity, crispy, and refreshing. The nurturing aroma of this fragrance makes us feel warm, cozy, and safe.

Happily Ever After - a fresh floral blend of violet, bergamot, peony, freesia, neroli, lily of the valley, and vetiver


Harvest Spice - pumpkin pie spices, cloves and warm vanilla


Hazelnut Cream - Sweet, creamy vanilla scent.


Hawaiian Breeze - Clean and fresh, with a hint of musk. Fresh ocean meets coconut.


Hawaiian Tropic (dupe) - Sugary, sweet, coconut oil scent.


Hidden Springs - contains bright citrus and wild greens revealing elements of deep marine moss overflowing with aquatic ozone and ambered driftwoods amid attractive hints of aldehydic musk.


Home Sweet Home - A classic, heartwarming country blend of cinnamon, baking spices, clove and hints of sweet apples.

Honey Buttered Rolls - Sweet golden honey surrounds the rich bakery tones in this gourmand treat, as hints of warm cinnamon and ginger bring a hint of a spiced accent to the scent. Rich, creamy vanilla undertones add sumptuous sweetness to this fabulous bakery confection. 


Honeysuckle - The scent is light and floral and a sweet feminine summery fragrance.


Horehound - Minty


Hot Baked Apple Pie - captures that nostalgic, straight-out-of-the-oven scent. This scrumptious scent starts with classic pie spices including cinnamon and clove. A hint of almond enhances the juicey, fresh baked apples, while flaky pie crust, vanilla, and a caramel drizzle round out the base.


Hot Chocolate - nclude amber, vanilla, coconut, and tonka beans.


Hot Mess of Floralness - an amazing blend of lavender, chamomile, bergamot and peony. 


Ice Cream - Sugar, Vanilla for a hot day.


Iced Caramel Latte - Coffee, Vanilla & Caramel Corn will wake you up bright and early.


 Irish Spring (dupe) - Fresh and clean with notes of citrus zest, jasmine, lily and musk.


Island Girl - main accords white floral floral tuberose citrus animalic sweet tropical aquatic.


Island Temptations Tropical Passion Fruit (dupe) - Intoxicating blend of mandarin oranges, exotic passion fruit, papaya, and apricot nectar intertwined with irresistible musk and coconut milk. This scent will whisk you away to the tropics! 


Jasmine Frangapani - intoxicating aroma that smells like jasmine and gardenia with a hint of citrus


Jelly Bean - Sweet Cherry, Strawberry, Banana, Orange and Green Apple with a sugary under tone. 


Juicy Blackberry -


Juicy Couture (dupe) - Top notes are mandarin orange, African orange flower and grapefruit; middle notes are jasmine, honeysuckle and plum; base notes are amber, vanilla and  sandalwood.


Karma - rich warm amber, vanilla with a sweet musk. Sweet & sexy. 


Kiwi Strawberry -


Lavender Chamomile - A soothing herbal fragrance with fresh lavender petals combining with a light hint of chamomile, Top - Bergamot, Middle - Lavender, Pine and Bottom - Tonka, Vanilla

Lavender Lemonade - a spring time mix of lavender and lemon


Leather - “oaky” or “woodsy”. This scent comes from the tannins in the leather, which are natural compounds that are also found in wood and plants. 


Lemon - a scent that smells just like real, zesty fruit and peel. That’s different from other perfumes since lemon oil is usually cold-pressed. The fresh, energizing scent blends well with other citrus oils like orange and grapefruit, and floral notes like rose, ylang ylang, geranium and lavender.


Lemon Marshmallow Whip - Each delightful sniff is blended to perfection for an instant pick me up! Top notes of bergamot, Meyer lemon and lemon zest. Middle notes of crushed poppy seed and vanilla orchid. Bottom notes of vanilla bean, sweet, fluffy marshmallow and a hint of sweet musk.


Let Them Eat Cake - A touch of ellegance, this scent is composed of vanilla, coconut and white musk.


Lilac - This lilac fragrance oil smells just like the real thing. 


Lime - has a more intense, fresher, and sharper scent than lemon, and at the same time, juicier. When you smell the lime in the perfume, you can almost feel the juice of this hesperidic fruit spilling over your tongue and invigorating you.


Love Spell (dupe) - Top notes are Peach, Cherry Blossom and Red Apple; middle notes are Lilac, Jasmine and Lily-of-the-valley.


Luke's Diner (coffee) - With a nod to Luke of the Gilmore Girls and the coffee addiction of Stars Hollow we bring to you our version of a rich good to the last drop cup of coffee. A hot cup of freshly brewed coffee with the tiniest swirl of vanilla creamer and sugar - sure to please even the most obsessed coffee drinkers.


Luscious Vanilla Frosting (strong) - A rich, creamy concoction. Top notes of rich Madagascan vanilla pods whipped to a buttery frenzy with a hint of nutmeg. A heart of warm, heady florals leads a sensual trail to a base of crushed nuts, warm woods and soft, velvety musks.

Luxury - A dreamy fun mix with a base of Chocolate with hints of Vanilla, Mandarin, Raspberry, Cherry & Strawberries


Man of Steel - dragon's blood, a masculine combination of leather, black currant, and oakmoss and caramel vanilla


Mango - delightfully sweet and fruity all at the same time. You might notice hints of melon scents mixed with pineapple and that is perhaps one of the best ways to describe the scent itself. However, take note that while it might have a slight melon scent, it does not taste like melon.


Mango Calada - delightfully sweet and fruity all at the same time. You might notice hints of melon scents mixed with pineapple and that is perhaps one of the best ways to describe the scent itself. However, take note that while it might have a slight melon scent, it does not taste like melon all with the deliscious smells of a freshly served pina colada.


Mango Papaya - An uplifting tropical blend of sun-kissed mango and juicy papaya. Top: Peach, Apple, Orange, Cassis, Citrus, Middle: Tropical Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Floral, Green and Bottom: Wood, Amber, Tonka, Musk.


Maple Syrup - buttered maple syrup.


Marshmallow - Fluffy, delectable mashmallow whipped with vanilla, raw sugar cane and heavy cream


Marshmallow Bomb - intense marshmallow


Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte - a pretty linear, sweet, cozy and comforting scent. The dominant note is definitely marshmallow. Also fresh notes of

Marshmallow Pumpkin Spice - harvest spices and marshmallow


Mary Jane - pleasing, earthy aroma that opens with bright top notes of lemon and lime. while notes of vetiver and patchouli in the base wrap things up. 


Melon Ball Fizz - fruity blend with melon, manho, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, banana and berry. Delightful!


Melt Down - Totally different vibe when it cold and freezing. Top notes of Peppermint and Spearmint. Middle notes of Corn mint and Sweet Mint. Bottom notes of Snow Cotton Candy and Vanilla Cream.


Merlot - Sophisticated grape aroma


Mermaid - scrumptious combination of berries and citrus with sugary sweetness and hints of vanilla in the bottom notes.


Milk Chocolate - Indulge in you senses with this savory scent of rich and creamy milk chocolate, accented with subtle hints of vanilla and coffee.


Milk & Honey - A crisp, rich, slightly aquatic scent.


Mistletoe - that fans of fresh woodsy scents will find appealing any time of year. It begins with top notes of invigorating eucalyptus and camphor, while middle notes of pine and fir are reinforced by a touch of spiced clove. Cedarwood and patchouli in the base ground this cheery scent.


Mahogany Teakwood - A cozy blend of fresh woods with lavender & geranium. Great for men and women. 


Mandarin - is a citrus note with a fresh, zesty scent. This note is unique in that it is imbued with the scent of citrus fruit skin, giving the fragrance a warm glow. 

Mandarin Vanilla - If you love Vanilla & Citrus you will love this scent. Base notes of Vanilla with the Citrus flavor of fresh Mandarin.  

Moonlight Path (Dupe) - Notes of French lavender, lily of the valley, oakmoss, and musk are woven in this deeply romantic fragrance capturing the essence of moonlit strolls in lush gardens.


Mother Earth - musk, sandalwood, herbs, raisins and a touch of earth


Moscato - Nutmeg, musk and peaches.


Mountain dew - This fragrance is soda with a jolt. This classic lemon/lime fizzy pop is so good you will swear you can smell the caffeine and feel the bubbles tickle your nose


Night Air - Dark Berries: lush, fruity notes that strike a balance between timeless and modern. 2 Midnight Jasmine: an exotic, night-blooming floral that evokes a feminine and mysterious mood. 3 Rich Amber: a little warmth adds an alluring edge that draws you in.

Night Out - A mix of Apple Jack, Mandarin and Raspberry.


Ocean Breeze - sweeps you away to the coast on fresh, aquatic winds. This well-rounded fragrance oil marries salty ozone notes with the aroma of fresh citrus. Airy ozone and base notes of wood, violet, musk, and cotton blossom give depth to the aquatic notes for a result that’s anything but ordinary.


Old Fashioned Coconut Pie - smells just like your grandma's old fashioned coconut pie.  


Orange - Upbeat and cheerful. A scent which is reminiscent of a warm summer's day” From the vibrant colour to the citrus fruit; the world of orange is bursting with aromas.

Orange Delight - a unique blend of rosemary, peppermint and orange


Orangecicle - orange and vanilla


Orchid - Flowery, powdery, and vanilla-like.


Oregano - “pungent” and “strong,” which means it has a strong spicy taste with sweet and sour notes. 


Papaya - slightly sweet, with an agreeable musky tang.


Passion Fruit - Tarty tropical aroma


Peach - full of fresh juices and delicate aroma that is typically sweet with just a little bit of acidity. Depending on the sort, the exact aroma may vary greatly, being more or less sugary, savory or juicy.


Peaches & Cream - Creamy vanilla and whipped buttercream frosting blended with sweet, juicy peaches


Peach & Mango - ruity notes of sliced fuzzy peach, sweet pomelo and juicy mango nectar splash over crisp apple accents infused with zesty nectarine and sun-ripened berry.


Pear - the scent of a pear fragrance is just as delicious and refreshing as any other fruit scent. Whereas citrus notes, such as those from mandarin orange and lemon, are a quick way to convey zest and a dazzling aspect, the pear is a sweeter and overall more subdued fruit.


Pearberry - a light mix of pear and strawberry


Pecan Pie - Nutty pecans blended with the delicious flavors of vanilla, brown sugar and warm spice to make a simple down-home, fresh baked treat you’re sure to love.


Peppermint - It’s minty. It’s fresh. It's a unique mix of lively and chilling...and it goes with a ton of things, whether it’s in a fragrance or favorite food. Basically, we cannot get enough of this intriguing mint.


Peppermint Bark - You will absolutely love this super scrumptious delight! Your nose will be in total heaven! This is like no other "peppermint" you have ever smelled - rich and decadent! Pure cacao, white chocolate, sprinkled cocoa, milk chocolate, creamy vanilla, crushed candy cane, peppermint leaf, Tahitian vanilla bean and rich chocolate ganache. Our version of the Gold Canyon scent!


Peppermint Candy Canes - A peppermint blend, cool and sweet with a hint of vanilla. This scent totally reminds you of Christmas candy canes in your stocking! A scent that will flow through your house!


Peppermint Marshmallow - This is a delicious blend of sweet peppermint, fluffy marshmallow cream and rich vanilla cupcake. You can definitely smell all the ingredients in this fabulous scent! Yum, Yum and YUM! 


Peony - One of the most beautifully fragrant of flowers. A full-bodied floral that announces springtime whenever and wherever it is worn.


Perfect - notes of Jasmine, Sandalwood and Almonds for a delightful scent. 


Perfect Pumpkin Pie - The smell of Fall, Holiday's and Family. Old Fashioned goodness rolled into one bottle! You will love this oil! A wonderful blend of thick, rich spicy pumpkin pie and rich creamy vanilla.


Pina Colada - resh creamy blend of coconut, pineapple and cherry. Nice tropical fragrance.


Pineapple - The note of pineapple is a somewhat popular fragrance note and is often used in fresh and tropical fragrances. The note of pineapple smells like the actual fruit itself. It has a fruity, sweet scent with a slight tartness to it.


Pineapple Mango - bright blend of sweet pineapple and juicy mango softened by passionflower


Pineapple Mango Mai Tai - Orange peel, hints of sparkling rose, mandarin oil, hits of cognac, Keitt mango, pineapple. papaya, clear musk and Haitian vetiver. 


 Pineapple Sage - Is a tropical blend of pineapple, sage, and green leaves. This scent has a fresh cut pineapple top note while a heart of green leaves, anise, and palm adds depth. Earthy sage and sweet sugar in the base round out this versatile fruit fragrance.


Pineapple Slices - Fragrant pineapple, ripe strawberry, citrus and kissed with peach in a sweet sugary base.


Pineapple Upside Down Cake - A scent that brings you right into the bakery. Smells like warm delicious cake. Pineapple, brown sugar and Vanilla with a touch of orange.


Pineapple Whip - Super sweet and tart, fresh cut pineapple blended with sweet delicious soft serve vanilla ice cream a delightful combination.


Pink Chiffon - This sweet delightful oil is infused with hints of exotic fruits, vanilla orchid, sweet vanilla and whipped chiffon musk. "Pink Chiffon is as light as air paired with soft pink petals whipped vanilla chiffon icing". 


Pink Grapefruit - Sparkling effervescent pink grapefruit enhanced by fresh bergamot, sweet sugarcane and a touch of warm spice.


Pink Lemonade - A nostalgic favorite created with an exotic splash of citrus that invigorates a juicy heart of garden greens & fruits. A sugary sweet bottom note creates the perfect summertime base. Notes: Top - Lemon Zest, Tangerine, Pineapple, Apple, Peach; Middle - Watermelon, Cassis, Mixed Berries, Cucumber, Dewy Greens.


Pink Sugar (Dupe) - A delectible sweet treat! The sugary aroma comes from ingredients you remember from your childhood, like vanilla, caramel, and cotton candy. But along with the sweet comes the spice. Notes of bergamot and Sicilian orange add zing, while raspberry and fig leaf tease you with freshness. Add a bit of romance with lily and licorice blossoms fused with yummy notes of strawberry and assorted red fruits to create and ambrosia that your nose will never forget.


Pixie Dust - Sugary Floral Scent, shimmering girly fragrance of citrus sorbet, candied fruits and summer rain, inspired by Tinker Bell. This light and sweet fragrance will leave you smelling like dew drops and fresh flowers, just like Tink!


Plumeria - can be described as weak, mild or strong, with the strongly scented ones characterized in terms of other fragrances: citrus, coconut, rose, cinnamon, carnation, jasmine, gardenia, fruity, or even woody. 


Pomegranate  - subtle, distinct, twisting the green powdery fragrance of its skin around the sweet-tart and winey aroma of the seeds.


Pumpkin Cookie Crunch - A super rich and strong pumpkin cookie loaded with goodies - caramelized sugar, whipped creme, french vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon and Vermont maple sugar. You will not believe how incredible this oil is! Super Strong!


Pumpkin Patch - A wonderfully traditional, spiced pumpkin apple. The perfect scent for a crisp Autumn day.


Pumpkin Pie - A decadent blend of fresh pumpkin, orange, sweet coconut and spices in a sugary vanilla base.


Pumpkin Pie Spice - Smooth pumpkin fragrance with the warm, spicy notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.


Pumpkin Spice - Pumpkin Spice is the perfect complement to the holiday season. This warm and cozy aroma smells of baked pumpkin simmering in cinnamon, clove, brown sugar and nutmeg. Top Note: Spiced Pumpkin, Brown Sugar


Rain - Pleasant & earthy


Raspberry - Tangy or sweet, juicy or tart: more sophisticated than a strawberry, but just as lush. 


Raspberry Jack - Just like the drink. Refreshing Apple Jack with Raspberries.


Red Herring - a mix of patchouli, merlot, clary sage and bergamot to temp your sense of smell.


Red Poppy - ensual and luminous Red Poppies is inspired by gentle and very enduring wild flowers. 


Rootbeer - Think frosty cold mug of root beer soda.


Rose - The rose has a powerful smell, but scent descriptions vary from sweet to a traditional damask rose essence. 


Rosemary - Earthy, herbal and super fresh” A fresh rosemary candle is like walking through a field at daybreak. A light amber glow scented with the start of a brand new day.


Rough & Rowdy - A men's fine fragrance with a masculine combination of leather, black currant, and oak moss and notes of patchouli Truly unforgettable and addictive!


Rugged Man - Leather, Rum, Sandalwood & Tobacco


Rum on the Rocks - Bergamot, Dr. Pepper and bay rum for a unique, delicious treat.


Rustic Man - Rum, Sandalwood & Leather


Sage - Peppery, fresh and slightly minty.


Salted Caramel - rich gooey caramel sitting on base notes of vanilla, maple, and rich sweetened condensed milk. 


Sandalwood - a rich and sophisticated scent used in a variety of perfumes. Musky and perfect for everyone.


Sandalwood & Sage - The name says it all. A terrific mix of earthy Sandalwood and fresh Sage.


Senorita Margarita (dupe) - delicious scent of a lime margarita 


Serendipity - Sweet, thick, creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and the tiniest amount of yummy fresh coconut. 


Skittles - smell the rainbow of fruit candies


Smell of the Kill - at the top floats a note of honeyed sweetness. A heavy swirl of oil forms the grounding base note. In the fat middle, it’s all sticky, particulate peanuts: a smell that matches the taste with uncanny fidelity.


Smelly Cat - Eucalyptus & Cotton.


S'mores - A delicious blend of chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers. 


Snickerdoodle - Smells like a fresh baked dozen of snickerdoodle cookies fresh from the oven. A light airy scent of brown sugar, butter, cinnamon & honey. 


Spearmint - smells just like the spearmint plant. 


Spell Bound - a terrific scent for fall. Patchouli, Teakwood & fresh night air. 

Spicy Lemon - lemon, rosemary and plumeria

Spring Air - black pepper, mandarin, mohaghany teakwooe and cardimom

Spring Dreams - Strong vanilla scent with notes of pina colada and strawberries.

Strawberry - a luscious scent of fresh strawberries. 


Strawberry Champagne - A decadent mix of bubbly champagne and fresh strawberries. 


Strawberry Daiquiri - Smells just like the wonderful, delicious happy hour treat. Strawberries and vodka. 


Strawberry Marshmallow Cream - Top notes of fresh picked strawberries, a hint of orange zest and dew drops; middle notes of green apples, pineapple nectar and hints of peach. Bottom notes of sweet, rich, whipped marshmallow, sugar crystals and vanilla bean.  


Strawberry Milkshake - Combination of vine ripened strawberries combined with notes of juicy orange and peach nectar. Topped with notes of green leafy florals and sweet creamy vanilla.


Strawberry Mimosa - grapefruit, bergamot, strawberry, sandalwood, ginger, frankensense, myrrh and ylang ylang


Strawberry Shortcake - he aroma of sweet buttery vanilla cake covered in strawberry and whipped cream notes. It will have your mouth-watering for this delicious dessert.


Sugar Cookie - a mystical scent of warm sugar cookies to brighten your palette. 

Sugar Sweet - like a strawberry milkshake made with brown sugar


Summer Breeze - is made of a mix of melons and berries.

Swagger - Sandalwood & Patchouli 


Sweet Orange - wonderfully uplifting aroma, Sweet Orange Oil is cheerful and citrus infused.

Sweet Pea - the sweetest pea of them all! Mother Nature’s gem, Sweet Pea is a delicate, feminine fragrance that stimulates and fills the senses.

Sweater Weather - This oil is a unique, fresh scent that blends crisp juniper berry and sage. The earthy clean smell will remind you of being outside in the brisk air, surrounded by the beautiful changing leaves during the fall with notes of juniper berries, fresh eucalyptus, and sage and a tiny bit of woods, sweet spearmint and dew mixed in. This oil is a fabulous reminder of those chilly days.


Sweet Potato Pie - a decadent indulgence of the senses with pureed sweet potato, brown sugar, perfect holiday spices infused with dark rum, creamy vanilla bean and candied maple.


Sweet Tobacco - A rich blend of fresh tobacco and cherrywood highlighted with notes of honey, anise and warm tonka. Top notes: Sweet Honey, Anise

Sweetened Spa Waters - lear blue water infused with mint, cucumber, and eucalyptus over a sugared vanilla base.

Take A Breath - Patchouli, Vanilla, Bergamot, a touch of gardenia, coffee, sweet orange, black pepper

Tea Tree - Astringent, acrid, camphorous, and medicinal.

Teakwood - a bold, woodsy fragrance. It is a complex scent that appeals to a wide range of people, but most tend to think of it as a masculine scent. It has a rich, warm, and slightly spicy aroma you need to smell for yourself to completely appreciate.


Thanksgiving Desert - caramel, vanilla, pecan and pumpkin pie 🥧 


Thyme - The scent is herbaceous, strong, hot, penetrating, and therapeutic. 


Time Warp -

Tranquil Summer - l A soothing bouquet of fresh lavender, cotton blossom, creamy vanilla & soft sandalwood, Top notes of Calabrian bergamot and crushed green tea leaves with mid notes of Sambac jasmine, Centifolia rose, pink freesia, and red poppy on a dry base of nude musk, wild patchouli, and Mysore.


Trick or Treat - A sweet fruity fragrance combining raspberry, plum, orange and lemon on a base of vanilla, creating a terrific treat sensation!


Tropical - mango, citrus mix

Tropical Island - Bergamot, thyme, clary sage, grapefruit, mandarin, cranberry, orange and lemon.

Tropical Mist - coconut, lime and lemon.


Twisted Peppermint (dupe) - Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Hint of Musk. A minty refreshing twist on your classic candy cane fragrance. Cool peppermint with a touch of cream, sugar, and vanilla.

Stand Strong - Frankensense, Myrrh and lavender

Summer Breeze - raspberry, cucumber, melon and passion fruit

Suntan Oil - Believe it or not but this blend makes a perfect suntan oil scent. Lavender, pomegranate, coconut and helichrysum

Sweet Tea - Bright notes of lemon and orange are intertwined with fresh tea leaves and sugar.

Twisted Tea - Bright notes of lemon and orange are intertwined with fresh tea leaves and sugar with warm notes of rum. 

Twisted Unicorn - An amazing blend of sweet mixed berries, little bursts of citrus - a little zing here and there with sweet vanilla and the irresistible notes of sweet sugary cotton candy! 

Under the Palms - orange, lime and grapefruit

Vanilla - a sweet, rich, syrupy scent that exudes warmth in a uniquely alluring way. It cannot be compared to any other scent, and that's part of its charm. 

Vanilla Black Currant - Warm, fruity, floral scent


Vanilla Frosting - cake frosting


Velvet Sugar - Top notes are Wild Strawberry, Nectarine, Pear Blossom and Apple; middle notes are Whipped cream, Whiskey, Yellow Plum, Coffee, Pink Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Freesia; base notes are Sugar, Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Amber and Tolu Balsam.


Verbena - smells herbal with citrus undertones. Its similarity to lemon smell has given its lemon verbena nickname. one of the most pleasant citruses smells that doesn’t come from citruses. Similar to lemon, it has a herbal-floral profile which makes it ideal as a fragrant essential oil used in perfumes, aromatherapy, and even religious rituals.


Vermont Honey Apple - Sweet apple, Anjou pear and ripe nectarine paired with honey butter, vanilla sugar, coconut milk and soft musk


Very Sexy (dupe) - Very Sexy - a bold, woody slow-burn that lingers. Provocative from the start, with juicy, ripe Clementine and Wild Blackberry. An uninhibited tangle of creamy woods and sweet Vanilla Orchid.


Vetiver - a complex earthy, woody scent which has been valued for its aroma since ancient times. The scent has often been compared to the sharp smell of uncut grass on a warm day. It’s also a chief component in what many refer to as an old-time barbershop smell. 


Vintage Wine - A sparkling white wine type with top notes of peach, orange peel, lemon, strawberry, and wild berry, middle notes of apple, pear, cyclamen, jasmine, white lily, cinnamon, and clove, with a woody, powdery raspberry and vanilla base note.


Violet - dry, sweet, slightly powdery scent that people instantly recognize as violet. 


Vodka - infused with fruits or juices that have strong aromas.


Volcano (dupe) - Volcano is the perfect blend of citrus and sugar notes. Like the excitement and energy of a summer night rendezvous, this fragrance is simply unforgettable.


Ylang Ylang - rich, elegant, floral scent used in some of the world’s most beloved fragrances. It’s lusciously sweet and earthy fragrance is also well known for its therapeutic benefits, such as soothing anxiety and promoting relaxation.


Warm Vanilla Sugar (dupe) - a Amber Vanilla fragrance for women. Top notes are Vanilla and White Orchid; middle notes are Vanilla, Sugar, Tonka Bean, Coconut and Jasmine; base notes are Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cacao.


Watermelon - reminds us of fresh warm summer morning air or as we refer to it as “Watermelon Air”! A juicy and delicious scent that will awaken your senses with top notes of watermelon and strawberry, followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose and green notes; while sitting on a base of notes with cassis, oakmoss, white woods and vanilla.


Welcome Home - Lemon, lavender and Rosemary.


White Tea - this scent begins with top notes of mandarin and lemongrass amplified by mid notes of bergamot and ginger steeped in a base of white tea and jasmine. Uplifting and ethereal, this scent transforms any space into a soothing atmosphere. 


White Tea & Basil - features light notes of fresh white tea mingling with herbaceous basil and enlivening hints of peppermint and sweet musk.


White Tea & Peony - a fragrant floral flavor, as well as the perfect balance of sweet.

Wild Unicorn - with top notes of bergamot, rosemary, lavender, middle notes of cardamom and geranium, and a dry down of vetiver, cedar, and fir balsam along with notes of Calabrian bergamot and crushed green tea leaves with mid notes of Sambac jasmine, Centifolia rose, pink freesia, and red poppy on a dry base of nude musk, wild patchouli, and Mysore sandalwood.


Winter Berries - blend of fresh, farm picked blueberries and ripe pumpkins, with cinnamon 


Winter Mint - Spearmint, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint for a clean and cool aroma.


Winter Mint & Sage - a magical blend of winter mint (Spearmint, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint) & warm vanilla for a refreshing winter scent. 


Winter's Spring - Champagne, Apricot, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Buttery Melt, Orange and Teakwood. A light, sweet winter musk. 


Witches Brew - Cinnamon & Sandalwood.


Wood Sage & Sea Salt (dupe) - opens with sea salt and a splash of grapefruit that adds just a touch of sweet citrus to the opening. It then dries down into an earthiness of ambrette seed, red algae, and amber wood which to my nose brings the perfect mix of sweetness and aromatics.

Woodshop - leather, fresh grash, fresh cut wood and the smell of a campfire.


Zest (dupe) - Clean and fresh!








Flavors: Lip Scrubs, lip oils & lip Balms




Apple Pie


Asian Pear




Birthday Cake






Blue Raspberry


broen Sugar




Butter Pecan


Butter Vanilla


Buttercream Icing


Cabernet Crush


Canadian Maple Syrup 




Captin' Crunch


Captain Crunch Berry

Lip Oil: Center of Attention - A unique blend of Cabernet, Grand Marnier, Apricot & Green Apple.


Chai Tea




Cherry Berry

Lip Oil: Cherry Bomb - Dive into a luscious flavoring of Rum and Cherry Berry.


Cinnamon Roll

Lip Oil: Citrus Sips - a delicious treat of Iced Pineapple Tangerine, Hints of Orange & Lemonade.





Lip Oil: Comfort Zone - You will be licking your lips to this flavor. Lavender, Vanilla and dreamy Brown Sugar.


Cotton Candy


Cream Cheese


Cupcake Frosting 


French Vanilla


Fruity Pepples




Grand Marnier






Green Apple


Ice Cream


Iced Pineapple & Tangerine


Italian Fruit Parfait


Jelly Bean


Juicy Mango


Lavender Vanilla 


Lemon Cheesecake 


Lemon Pound Cake



Lick My Lips - strawberry, cherry, raspberry, extra sweet

Mango n Peach Fusion


Milk Chocolate 

Mountain Dew

Nutmeg & Caramel Swirl


Orange Cream

Orange Cream Dream - A treat of Orange Sorbet & French Vanilla


Orange Sorbet


Pancake Syrup




Peach Rings 

Lip Oil: Peak Perfection - Let you mouth water now for the taste of Raspberries, Red Bull & Vanilla Ice Cream. Nothing like it.






Pina Colada


Pink Frosting 








Pumpkin Pie




Red Bull


Red Velvet Cake


Rio Rumberry (dupe)






Rum and Coke


Salted Caramel










Strawberry- Kiwi


Strawberries & Cream


Strawberry Champagne


Strawberry Milkshake 


Strawberry Mimosa 


Strawberry Sorbet 


Sweet Tea



Tastin' Good Enough to Eat - salted Caramel, French Vanilla, Chocolate, frosting sweetness factor



Tropical Punch


Vanilla Frosting