Nail Dip Instructions

Gently push back cuticles using a cuticle pusher, making sure to remove the invisible cuticle. There are ceramic, glass files that are perfect for this. Also an orange stick (small wooden pusher) works great. 
Lightly buff nail bed, just enough to rough up the surface so that your base will stick. You do not want to remove too much of your natural nails as this will weaken & damage them. 
Shape nails to desired shape using a nail file/buffer. You may wish to over shape "exaggerate" your nail or tips shape as dip powder will "lesson" the shape. 
Wash hands with oil free soap (ie: Dawn dish soap) & dry hands thoroughly.
Apply 2 layers of PH BOND. Allow to completely dry. 
Apply a thin layer of base coat. Many need to build an apex. The apex is the curve of your nail. Although an apex is not required with all nail shapes, if your nails are flat or flip up this may help to reduce filing and buffing. Apply the base in a thin line in the middle of your nail, dip your nail into the nail dip powder, & repeat the process increasing the width of the line of base with each dip until desired arch/apex is acheived.  
Avoiding the cuticle as you are applying the base coat but making sure to cover the side walls of your nail beds for complete coverage. Flooding the cuticles will cause lifting. 
Use an orange stick or nail dotting tool to clean the area by the cuticle. Wipe the tool on a lint free cloth between swipes. 
Dust off excess powder between dips with a fluffy then stiff brush.
Repeat for 2-4 dips, this will give the integrity needed for your mani to last 14-21 days. 
Apply activator & allow to dry completely for 2 minutes to let the dip harden properly. 
Shape nails to your desired shape by filing & buffing. See our shaping guide if you need help or ideas on the different popular shapes. 
Dust off any excess powder from your nails again with the stiff brush. 
After buffing & filing apply a generous amount of activator & allow to dry for 2 minutes, to once again harden the dip. 
Apply first layer of top coat.
Doing one hand completely before starting on the second hand. 
Move quickly, but evenly covering the entire nail. Use gentle, “floating” pressure. Wipr the brush on a lint free wipe between each dip. Our liquids are hard to contaminate but the transfer of shimmer or glitter can happen. Dip the brush in the bottle between each finger to pick up more top coat & go to the next finger. 



Once you have finished your first hand, go back to the first nail for a second more precise layer of top coat. Take your time and keep it even. "Floating" the top coat on. 

Repeat on the other hand

Once you are finished with the top coat process on both hands allow 3-5 minutes to dry completely. 


• you must wait the 2 minutes after applying activator prior to proceeding to the next step. There is a chemical reaction that must occur for the dips to harden properly. This also will help prevent the top coat brush from hardening.

* if you are allergic or sensitive to dip liquids you may want to try our Dainty Line or the Gel Liquids method with dip powders. Otherwise if you have a reaction discontinue use immediately & consult with your doctor.